3 Things Quarantined Customers Can't Wait To Do 

Author: Ariana Brajkovich

People toasting at a restaurant

After months of sheltering in place, customers across the world are most excited about visiting family, hanging out with friends and eating out at restaurants according to Datassential! 

Food is such an integral part of every culture. We come together around food during times of celebration—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations—and share it with others during times of struggle and hardship.

Restaurants are often the places we gather to celebrate and feast. So it’s no surprise that people are eager to head back out to the places where they associate these feelings of joy and comfort. 

Society’s perception of COVID-19 and the dangers that accompany it have evolved from fear to caution. There is an element of control over this disease that was not present at the beginning of quarantine. 

Keep this notion of caution in mind as you readjust to dine-in service, but don’t forget the real reason customers are back in your restaurant: to enjoy a meal comfortably AND outside of their home! Your customers will not be rushing through their meal and dashing out of your store. They are relieved to be back out in the real world, seeing new faces, and enjoying your hospitality. 
restaurant safety measures to minimize the spread of germs
Your patrons will return and the crowds will be back soon enough. It’s always a good idea to reach out to your text and email subscribers and let them know when you’ll be open and the safety precautions you’ll be taking to quell both worries and the spread of germs. Experience is a major component of dining-in and your guests will appreciate your efforts to keep everyone safe and contribute to their peace of mind. 

When is your restaurant preparing to open and how are you getting the word out to your customers? 
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